Most people settle on vacuuming twice a week with an occasional shampooing. The truth is, carpet cleaning must go beyond this light cleaning. Carpet fibers grip dirt particles, debris, hair, skin particles, and so many other contaminants that home vacuums and rental shampooers cannot eliminate. There are three benefits to having carpets deep-cleaned professionally on a scheduled-basis.

Allergen Relief – For many families, allergies play a common and painful role in everyday life. Pet dander, dust and even mold can creep its way into your carpet. Families that are regularly exposed to these allergens can suffer in a big way. Multiple doctor trips and medicine can stress your wallet, and repeated allergic-reactions can lower your body’s immune system. By having your carpet serviced even just twice a year, allergens can be greatly minimized, which can provide much relief to allergy-sensitive family members.

Home Value – Even if you’re not planning on selling your home right away or at all, clean carpets can greatly increase your home’s value. The home-buying market has seen a dramatic increase in buyers’ desire to have wooden floors, simply because carpets are considered dirty. By maintaining your carpet regularly, buyers may be more interested when you are ready to sell.

Comfort – Perhaps the best advantage of deep-cleaning your carpet is the feeling of relaxation on a daily basis. Sinking your toes into clean carpet can be the best feeling in the world. Not only does it bring you and your family comfort, it always brings comfort to guests and makes your home a great place to invite friends over. Perhaps it will also influence family members to keep up with the daily chores so they can continue to invite people over.

There are many advantages to deep-cleaning your carpet and ServiceMaster by the Border offers professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis. Contact us today to schedule a deep carpet cleaning and give your home a great look!