Fire Damage Restoration and Cleanup Southeast Michigan

Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Southeastern Michigan

Fire moves fast through a home or building. The hazards of the fire follow and linger, causing ongoing damage to the structure, furniture, and other contents.

Once the fire department has cleared the site, fast response from a disaster restoration team can help save your belongings. At ServiceMaster by the Border, we answer the call 24/7 and immediately launch into action.

We recognize the trauma and emotional upset that you, your family, or your business suffers. Our proven four-step process helps to alleviate damage to salvageable property, fixtures, household items, and other personal belongings and contents.

Assess the Fire Damage

The first step is to assess the fire damage. Structural damage is the first analysis, so fire and insurance representatives document areas that are a complete loss or those that might be repaired.

Next, we assess for content damage, taking extensive notes, photos, and reporting the condition of each item affected by the fire.

Coordinating with the local fire department and your property insurance company, we help keep you apprised of your property’s status. Property insurance claims can seem overwhelming, but our team helps you through that entire process.

Content Packout Services during Fire Damage Restoration

Protect Your Contents and Property

Your home or business suffered damage from the fire, but now the building is exposed – from the holes in the roof and walls to the water used to put out the fire.

Tarping and boarding up your property helps protect it to keep out weather, animals, and other unwanted visitors.

Content pack-out is the next phase of protecting your property. Removing items that need extensive cleaning makes it easier and faster for other fire damage renovations to begin.

We electronically inventory each item that needs to be packed and located to our cleaning warehouse.

Personal Contents Damaged by Fire

Clean and Restore

Cleaning your personal items is a priority often done off-site from your disaster. Our typical packout and cleaning services might include:

  • Identifying items that can be recovered or cleaned
  • Taking an electronic inventory of the items using a barcode system
  • Carefully boxing the items
  • Moving them to our secure warehouse

Then, we begin the meticulous task of content restoration, which includes neutralizing odors and deep cleaning, using a variety of methods safe for the specific item. Our goal is to get your possessions back to pre-damaged condition whenever possible.

We repack items in clean boxes until the entire restoration project is complete, when we return them to your home.

Fire Damage Restoration

Your property not only suffered damage from the fire, but also from what happens during a fire. Smoke and soot, extensive water used while extinguishing the fire, and potential mold growth from that water can cause long-lasting damage.

Once we confirm the property is stabilized and safe to enter, we begin removing soot and debris, which will improve the air quality and reduce odors. Deodorization steps are also taken to eliminate odors from walls, curtains, and other areas.

We set proper dehumidification equipment to begin water extraction after the fire.

Then, we begin meticulously cleaning everything that remains that was affected by the fire. This includes ceilings, walls, cabinets, counters, closets, drawers, glass items, and anywhere else the fire caused damage.

The ServiceMaster state-of-the-art recovery techniques often reduce property replacement costs, reducing overall costs to your southeastern Michigan property.

Approved Fire Damage Cleanup Contractors

ServiceMaster by the Border specialists are trained, equipped, and ready to restore your home or business after a fire. Your property is valuable, and fire can ruin precious possessions if not treated quickly.

Trusted by many property insurance companies, the ServiceMaster Restore® methods help keep fire damage claim costs down. We help process your insurance claim and get the problems fixed right, fixed fast, and get your space back to normal.

ServiceMaster by the Border is a full-service commercial and residential fire damage cleanup service based in Adrian, Michigan, and serving Lenawee, Hillsdale, Washtenaw, and Monroe counties in Southeastern Michigan. ServiceMaster Restore® has trained local teams to specialize in emergency response services as the first line of defense against fire damage.