Property Restoration after Water Damage Problems

Water damage in your home or office can have long-lasting effects, even if you don’t see the evidence immediately. When disaster strikes your home or office, lives are disrupted, business is halted, and money is lost.

Sometimes a natural disaster causes the water damage; other times it’s a slow leak that isn’t noticed right away. The water damage could even happen after a fire.

A natural flood or burst water pipe can cause water damage and mold growth. Early intervention stops the effects of water on the property and can help reduce extensive damage and mold problems.

Water damage happens for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Plumbing leaks
  • Burst or broken pipes and hoses
  • A clogged toilet
  • Appliance malfunction
  • Moisture behind walls
  • A leaking roof
  • Foundation cracks

Insurance coverage under your homeowner’s or renter’s policy may cover repairs or replacement from water problems. If the situation isn’t covered by insurance, it’s still best to have a professional provide a thorough cleanup. Any water or moisture left can pose a health risk if mold or mildew develops.

Professional Water Damage Cleanup Process

ServiceMaster Restore® has established a proven system for their water cleanup process, whether it is in your home, business, or commercial building. Specialized equipment and thorough training allow the technicians to implement the best methods needed to reduce further damage from moisture.

ServiceMaster by the Border has water damage cleanup specialists who are trained in the best methods to reduce the health risks from water and mold, while still preserving and restoring your property.

The emergency water damage services provided from our Adrian, Michigan office help residents and businesses throughout Lenawee, Monroe, Washtenaw and Hillsdale Counties.

The goal is to restore your property and belongings quickly and thoroughly.

Assessment of the Water Problem

Upon arrival, the property owner authorizes our technicians to conduct an assessment and inspection of the area affected. The inspection is thorough, to identify the possible causes. A written report and photographs are needed for insurance purposes.

Sometimes the cause or source of the water is not obvious, so we may visually inspect other nearby areas such as the basement, crawlspace, or attic. During the inspection, specialized moisture-detection meters, probes and sensors are used to determine the extent of the water damage within walls, floors, carpeting, and furniture.

Water extraction or removal is an early phase of the water cleanup project. The contaminated water is removed with special extractor equipment.

Moisture Detection Meter for Water Damage Adrian MI
The water problem could have damaged furniture and other contents, so the ServiceMaster team may determine that off-site cleanup of these might be necessary. We inventory the items, carefully pack and store them while the rest of the area is drying out.

The drying process can take many days, depending on how much water damaged the area. Our water damage expert will calculate the amount of time needed for our powerful air movers and dehumidifiers to totally remove all traces of moisture. During this time, we re-visit your home to continue our drying assessment. Our goal is to restore property whenever possible, saving you the cost of replacement. We complete a thorough carpet cleaning and deodorizing in the areas affected.

Structural and construction repairs might also be needed. This might include drywall, ceilings and floors. ServiceMaster Restore® is a highly reputable, licensed, insured and endorsed water damage service provider. In addition to our years of experience, our qualified technicians have completed advanced training in water mitigation, dehumidification systems, mold remediation and corrosion control.

“The technicians who came to our home were great ambassadors for ServiceMaster by the Border. After our water damage disaster my wife was very upset, nothing I could say would calm her, but within a short time they put us at ease about our situation.

They gave us advice about working with the insurance company and told us that there would be no evidence of a water problem once their work was complete. That was true. They rearranged their personal schedules to accommodate ours, arriving within minutes of our appointed time, in uniform, very professional. I cannot say enough about the caliber of this team.”

Mike and Sue Kowalski

Hillsdale, MI