As you get older, body parts start to ache and creak, and things you could once do without any problem become more difficult. Most senior citizens fall into two categories when it comes to cleaning. One group pushes through and gets it done anyway, and then has to take it easy and use pain relievers to recover. The second group stops cleaning, resulting in an unclean, possibly unhealthy house that they don’t like, but feels helpless to do anything about it. A cleaning service can make a world of difference for senior citizens.

It’s important for seniors to be active, so it may be beneficial for them to keep up with some things in their home. Most can handle running a dust rag, wiping counters, and other non-intensive chores. But arthritis, joint issues, and other health issues may make some cleaning tasks hard to do. If you need help getting some of these jobs done, we can help:

  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms
  • Wash windows and blinds
  • Clean walls and light fixtures
  • Clean floors
  • Remove stains in carpets
  • Clean appliances

Whether you need help a couple of times a year to do some deep cleaning, or want someone to come in on a more regular basis, we’re here to help.

For many people, cleaning products can cause additional health issues. We use supplies that are not harmful to the environment, and do not have side effects such as harsh chemical smells and fragrances.

If you’re a senior citizen who wants to spend your time doing things you enjoy instead of cleaning, or recovering from cleaning, contact us. We can take care of the jobs that are hard for you to do and leave you with a clean, pleasant place to live.