Fall and winter are prime times for seasonal flu, but nothing feels better than having a fresh, clean bed after recovering from a week of flu symptoms. Here are some quick home cleaning tips for your bedroom.

The big stuff

Mattresses should be cleaned frequently, and it’s as simple as vacuuming the mattress surface thoroughly. This will remove dust mites and other small particles that can affect breathing while you’re sleeping.

Bed skirts and comforters may be too large to fit into your standard washing machine, so consider taking them to the dry cleaner’s, at least once a year. It will brighten up the fabric, and help sanitize these items also.

The easy stuff

Sheets, pillow cases, and blankets are normally washed on a regular cycle. Check the fabric care instructions, but wash these in as hot of water as possible to eliminate germs. Consider storing extra bed linens inside a plastic storage container, to avoid air-borne germs and dust.

The fluffy stuff

Most bed pillows can be washed, but many people find that their individual “fluff pattern” changes after it’s been through the washer. If you prefer not throwing your pillows in the washer a few times a year, perhaps this handy tip might make a difference between washings. Place the bed pillow (without pillow coverings or cases) inside a large garbage bag. Using the hose attachment on your vacuum, set the end of the hose just inside the bag opening. Being careful to not suck up the ends of the bag, turn the vacuum on for a short amount of time. The air being sucked out of the bag will compress the pillow in its shape, while sucking out dust mites, loose hair and other particles that should be removed from your pillows. When you shut off the vacuum, air will again fluff up your pillow!

If you prefer help with the big stuff and a more thorough room cleaning, ServiceMaster by the Border can take care of your mattress, clean your walls, and give the room an overall sanitization cleaning in a short amount of time.