Upholstered furniture is not as easy to clean as some other things, like floors and windows. Building caretakers often delay cleaning furniture until spots and stains have set into the upholstery, causing an unpleasant appearance for visitors.

Upholstery cleaning can remove harmful or odor-causing bacteria from your chairs, couches and other waiting room furniture. It helps your furniture retain an overall pleasant and inviting look, and is a task that should be scheduled on a regular basis.

Cleaning upholstery on your own can be a lot of hassle, and if not done properly, can ruin the furniture. Commonly used cleansers can damage upholstery fabric, and while aerosol “spot cleaners” may work for a small spill, they are not appropriate for cleaning entire pieces of furniture.

A professional upholstery cleaning service will know the manufacturer’s requirements for the type of fabric on commercial furniture. The experienced cleaners know how assess any spots or blemishes, and what chemicals or processes to use for the task. They also have the right equipment for the job, making it more efficient. Extra fabric protection may be needed, and a cleaning specialist will be able to determine the type of protection for the specific upholstery fabric.

An experienced building caretaker usually has a preventive maintenance plan for specific areas of the building. A regular maintenance-cleaning plan will keep the entire building looking professional, and upholstery cleaning should be part of the maintenance-cleaning schedule.