Life with a baby, toddler, or preschooler has its ups and downs. On the one hand, watching them learn and grow is priceless, and when they flash a certain smile it just melts your heart. But they are pretty dirty in their own way, and it’s more than a full-time job keeping up with these little mess-makers. One of the biggest problems is keeping the carpet looking new, and the best way to do that is with a regular, professional carpet cleaning.

Carpets are always a big issue with young families. On the one hand, they are harder to keep clean than wood floors, but many parents feel they are necessary for little ones. Learning to crawl and walk is hard work, and carpets provide a nice cushion for babies who are constantly falling down. And learning to navigate the stairs is a dangerous job, so it’s especially important for families to have a safe place for children to land when they lose their balance when they are a few steps up.

Carpet Cleaning sippy cup spillsCombine this with the use of bottles and sippy cups and you’ve got a recipe for carpet spots. Very young toddlers don’t know to set their bottle down right side up when they’re done, they just toss it on the ground and the formula or milk starts to dribble out. Even spill-proof sippy cups don’t always meet up to their expectations. Usually at least a few drops escape, and if the valve gets dislodged you’ll find a full-fledged puddle.

In the course of a day, a parent has several little spills that need to be wiped up in order to keep the carpet looking new. Even with regular clean-up the milk, formula, juice, and even water leave spots behind. Thankfully, an occasional professional carpet cleaning can take care of these areas.

ServiceMaster is an expert at making those spots disappear so your carpet can continue to provide a safe place for your children to play for years to come. Technicians will come in, pre-treat those areas, and then use a hot water extraction method to clean the entire carpet. Not only will your carpet look great, but you can feel better about having dirt and allergens removed from deep in the fibers. We also use environmentally products that are safe for the planet as well as your children and pets.

Cleaning up after little ones is a big task, but the help of professional carpet cleaning services can keep your carpet looking nice while it continues to provide a soft cushion for young children.