You have found your dream home. It has everything you ever wanted in a home and a few things you don’t. Although the previous owners took good care of the house, they had three cats. Both you and your spouse are allergic to cat hair and dander, so before you move in, perhaps it is time to consider a deep carpet cleaning.

Despite how well the previous home owner cleaned their home, there will still be pet hair and dander in and on everything. Many new homeowners try to rent a carpet cleaning machine, but when allergies are involved, it wouldn’t be a good idea. Most often, those cleaners do a less-than-adequate job, and usually end up saturating your carpet more than necessary.

As a new homeowner, you may not have the budget for new carpeting, so hiring a carpet cleaning service to get a thorough, deep cleaning is the best option. Have the cleaners work on the carpet before you move in, while much of the house is empty and uncluttered. Cats like to hide in small spaces, closets, corners, and other small areas, so cleaning a completely empty house will be most efficient.

Let your carpet cleaners know as much detail as possible – how many cats or other animals lived in the home before you bought it, how many family members have allergies, etc. Mention particular room usage, such as where babies or toddlers will be spending a lot of time, because they’re on the floor a lot.

A professional carpet cleaning team can also provide all-inclusive cleaning services, giving your new home an overall deep cleaning before you move in. Get the walls, windows, window sills and blinds scrubbed for embedded pet dander. Even if you don’t notice traces of pet accidents on the carpet now, it should be treated with special disinfectants and cleaners. Once the furnace starts running full time, or a hot, humid day arrives, those pet odors could reappear if not cleaned properly now.

Turning your new house into a home is much easier with cleaned and sanitized carpets.