It is important for retail stores to make sure they have shining windows to invite customers inside, but even if you don’t run a store, you still need to consider attractiveness of your building. The windows at any business are some of the most prominent aspects people will notice as they approach the building, and if they’re dingy, it will give a very poor first impression. In fact, windows that have been ignored long enough can even make a building look abandoned! So, no matter what type of business you have, clean windows can make a difference.

You may wonder why it’s important to hire professionals to do this essential job. After all, it seems like it should be simple enough. It turns out that getting a streak-free shine isn’t as easy as it looks. Professional window cleaning involves more than having a neighborhood kid spray on some Windex and then wipe it off. Instead, janitorial services rely on special cleaning solutions that can cut through the kind of dirt found in commercial locations. This grime can include asphalt dust from parking lots, grease, and other types of tough residue.

While professional cleaning solutions are important, there’s more to properly cleaning a window. The right technique is critical for getting your windows spotless and streak-free. It takes practice to be able to use a squeegee properly so that there isn’t a line between each pass and so there aren’t any streaks left behind.

The right equipment is also important for commercial window cleaning. A home window squeegee and a typical sponge just can’t provide the proper cleaning power. Instead, professional-grade squeegees and other specialized tools deliver better results.

Whether you run a restaurant, an auto shop or an office building, you’ll find that our professional touch is unmistakable. Call today to set up a schedule for your window cleaning needs.