COVID Cleaning and Disinfecting Service

Who does the daily cleaning and sanitizing at your business? Are you confident that every area has been properly sanitized? Would you stake your own health on it?

When you look around the room at the people nearby, you don’t know who might be ill or infected. Sometimes, they don’t even know.

Protect your employees, customers, and guests with the complete COVID cleaning services provided by ServiceMaster.

Electrostatic Disinfection COVID Cleaning ServiceMaster By The Border Adrian MI

Electrostatic Disinfection Part of Complete COVID Cleaning

Complete cleaning includes using the right disinfectant. It also requires using the best methods for that solution for optimal coverage.

So, do you need to wipe down every nook and cranny in your business? How often? How will you know that your methods are effective?

Consider a more technical solution for longer-reaching effectiveness.

Electrostatic Disinfection combines a quality disinfection solution with air, gives it a positive electric charge that, when sprayed properly, bonds to all surfaces. Electrostatic sprayers provide better coverage than normal spray bottles and wiping techniques.

Think of the tiny spaces on a computer keyboard, or the curves and angles of chairs and other furniture in restaurants, meeting rooms, and other areas. The electrostatic sprayer technology effective reaches all these areas with a simple spray. The electrically-charged particles float through the air, leaving disinfectant on all surfaces – not just the top, flat surfaces.

Get disinfecting coverage quickly for high-traffic areas including lobby areas, elevators, and stairways. This spray can reach places better and faster than any other disinfecting tool. Disinfectant is evenly applied and dries quickly, so the additional wipe-down step isn’t needed.

COVID cleaning by ServiceMaster using SaniMaster Disinfectant

Combine Electrostatic Cleaning with Disinfecting for Your Business

Does your business have high-traffic areas, lots of surfaces that customers encounter, or equipment that employees use? You can probably benefit from the disinfecting efficiency of electrostatic cleaning.

EPA-registered disinfectants, like SaniMaster and other products used by ServiceMaster Clean, are the best defense against the spread of germs and viruses.

If an employee tests COVID-positive, ServiceMaster can help your business open back up quickly. Our corporate cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing protocols are followed by teams across the nation. You can be assured of the most thorough disinfecting services with our team that other communities have relied upon.

The emergency cleaning standards we use after a COVID breakout include both wiping methods and advanced spraying technology to effectively disinfect and treat every surface of your business. Combine that with decades of hospital and medical-grade cleaning experience, and your business can be open quickly.

Proactively keep ahead of germs, viruses, and other nasty outbreaks. Call ServiceMaster by the Border to schedule a walk-through and estimate today.