Two-year-old carpeting is still considered new for many homeowners. The cost of replacing carpeting is expensive, so when a client recently called about spilled paint on a tan carpet, we were up to the challenge.

First, the homeowner informed us that the paint puddle was scraped up as carefully as possible, but wondered what to do next. In situations where a spill happens on carpeting, it’s often advisable to cover the area with a damp towel while we send our technicians over to help.

Carpet soaks up liquid through the fibers, so a spilled liquid doesn’t just rest on the fuzzy surface layer, it pulls the liquid down each fiber, towards the pad beneath. Following the ServiceMaster approved protocol for carpet cleaning, we managed to lighten the spill considerably, but since it was quite a bit of paint, it did require that we allowed the color to resurface to the top of the fibers, and cleaning was repeated.

So, who won the battle of carpet vs. spilled paint? We are happy to report that the area is spotlessly clean, and the homeowner is very satisfied with the results! Watch for other “Did You Know” tidbits as we add more to this blog.