Some people love grilling year-round, while others are fair-weather grillers. If you’re getting ready to pack up the patio entertainment soon, here are some tips for cleaning your outdoor grill now.

Frequent, light cleaning

If you’ve been diligent all summer and did frequent, quick cleanings of your grill each time you used it, the end-of-season cleaning shouldn’t bee too difficult. Routine cleaning after each use includes brushing down the grates to remove any stuck particles, treating the grill grates if recommended by the manufacturer, and clearing out the grease traps on gas grills.

Proper cleaners

Using the right tools and cleaners will make the job easier. A brass wire brush makes easy work of cleaning grill grates, but remember to also clean the brush afterwards with hot, soapy water. Stainless steel grills need extra care to keep their shine, so read the recommendations that came with the grill and polish it up for a long lasting finish.

Proper storage

It’s a good idea to cover the grill after each use, once it’s cooled down enough. Off-season, the best way to preserve the grill’s appearance and prevent rust is to cover it with a strong tarp or grill cover.

Prepare for next season’s deck parties by cleaning and maintaining your grill, smoker, and patio furniture now. And remember, if you need that deck power-washed to make it look great again, ServiceMaster by the Border can take that job off your list for you!