Many people think of seasonal cleaning happening in the springtime; but fall is a perfect time to tackle some seasonal office cleaning jobs in your workplace. Large property maintenance companies have a systematic process for ongoing maintenance, but local business owners must often tackle these tasks themselves.

A qualified janitorial service can recommend the right areas that will need attention in your office as the weather changes. Here are some guidelines to begin the seasonal office cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Overall building repairs now can prevent major problems later. Take time to inspect the roof, downspouts, and drainage areas of the building. Pay special attention to office buildings with flat roofs and be sure that leaves, twigs, and other debris are cleared away. This will prevent water pooling and ice dams over the winter.

Drafty windows can lead to increased heating costs and employee sick days. Before the freezing temperatures set in, check window and door frames and caulk where necessary to get rid of cracks and eliminate drafts. This is also a good time for a thorough window cleaning, both inside and outside.

Seasonal floor cleaning can protect your investment and keep the area inviting to visitors. Hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles should be inspected and repaired as needed now to prevent moisture seepage and mildew buildup beneath the floor surface. If there are cracks, consult with a floor care expert to determine the best repairs and underfloor treatment required.

Invest in entrance mats and area mats over hard floor surfaces. These will trap the dirt, dust and grime brought in from outside. Regularly cleaning the mats will ensure they work properly to protect those high-traffic areas. Mats also provide a level of safety as floors get wet from rain or snow.

Cold and flu season starts in the fall, so now is a good time to stock up on disinfectants and cleaning supplies that kill surface germs. Sanitizing hand wipes, extra tissues, and plenty of soap for hand washing can help reduce employee sick days.

Check smoke detectors throughout the building. Many businesses have a regular maintenance schedule for this, and some follow the seasonal daylight savings time changes as a reminder. Also, ensure that fire extinguishers are tested and working properly. Functional safety equipment can help prevent smoke and fire damage if there is an emergency during the cold weather heating months.

Air quality is important while the heating system is running this winter. Check furnace filters and air purification systems to be sure they are cleaned and operating correctly. Seasonal duct work cleaning will also remove pollutants and allergens that travel through the system.

A dehumidifier is necessary in some locations, even in the wintertime. Humidity levels above 60% can promote mold growth that may not be noticed until it becomes a large problem.

Finally, set up a regular office cleaning schedule to keep ahead of the dirt and dust this season. Janitorial service companies can determine a cleaning plan that is right for your business and budget. ServiceMaster by the Border provides janitorial services for hundreds of local businesses; call us today to schedule an evaluation.