Summertime often brings a different schedule for many families; with busy activities, cookouts and vacations. Here are some home cleaning tips to make any cleaning job easier when you’re busy, whether it’s surface cleaning or floor cleaning. There are four main actions involved with any thorough cleaning, and they include eliminating, saturating, dissolving and removing.

Eliminate the Dirt First

Get rid of all the loose dirt and debris around the house and on the floors first. Vacuum thoroughly, sweep completely, or brush off items to remove loose dirt and dust. Once the loose stuff is gone, the rest of the job will be easier because you aren’t moving dirt from one spot to another.

Saturate Correctly

Many people use cleaning products incorrectly. Read the label and use according to the instructions, but make sure the cleaning solution you use is correct for the cleaning job. Rather than one quick spray of solution on your cleaning cloth, do a light mist spray across the entire surface to be cleaned – and then, move on to the next timesaving action, which is dissolving.

Dissolve to Work Easier

Cleaning solutions should do the work whenever possible, but often they aren’t left on the surface long enough to make a difference. After you’ve saturated, leave the solution set on the surface for a few minutes, which will make scrubbing a lot easier.

Removing all Evidence

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the loose stuff and made your cleaners work for you, the only step left is to wipe away the dirt and grime. Use a soft cloth to polish up the surface, and you’ve brightened up an area with little effort by having your cleaning tools and supplies do most of the work for you.

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