Many of us who are adults now can remember our Moms or Grandmas spring cleaning all over the house. It was an event! Curtains came down and were cleaned. Windows were scrubbed until you couldn’t even tell they were there. Even the walls were washed. If you feel like you want that kind of cleaning done but just don’t have the time, hire a cleaning service.

Times have changed. Most of our grandmas didn’t have a full-time job, and back then, kids didn’t have extra-curricular activities every night of the week that required parent participation. Adults these days just don’t have the time to devote to cleaning the house from top to bottom just because it’s spring.

But that doesn’t change the fact that we would still like to have the benefits of spring cleaning. After all, the windows have smudges from kids’ fingers and the dog’s nose, and the walls are showing dirt in high traffic areas. The floors need a really good cleaning after people tracked in all kinds of debris on their shoes all winter long. And don’t look up, but the light fixtures have so much dust on them it’s hard to remember what they look like without it.

If you’d like to get that spring-clean feeling when you don’t have the time to do it yourself, ServiceMaster is happy to do it for you. Washing windows, walls, window blinds and light fixtures are some of the things people request this time of year. We can also clean upholstery, carpets and hard surface floors. If you have deep cleaning jobs that you don’t have time to do, we can get your house just as clean as Grandma’s used to be this time of year.