Summertime – the season brings graduation parties, weddings, and more family gatherings with increased guests at your home. Sometimes getting ready for a big event can seem overwhelming, but delegating the tasks amongs many helpers can make a big difference.

Consider hiring an event planner for really big special occasions; they’ve done your type of gathering thousands of times before and have it down to a science.  A professional caterer can take on the food challenges, providing a meal so that you can enjoy your guests. And, a professional cleaning service can make your home look spotless, so your guests are comfortable during the event.

Three cleaning jobs that you may want to hire help for this summer include power washing the exterior of your home or your deck area, window washing inside and out for a bright shine, and proper floor care that guests will notice.

Power Washing

Depending on the surface needing cleaning, there are different products available for power washing, sometimes also called pressure washing. For instance, vinyl siding requires a different technique than blasting a backyard deck clean. Renting a pressure washer may seem tempting, but it could also be damaging if you’ve never done it before, due to the high pressure required for each spray.

A professional will know the right spraying sequence for the best outcome, avoiding electrical components, air conditioners, and other sensitive areas. They also know the proper cleaners to use for each surface being cleaned, especially if mildew is visible.

Window Washing

Outdoor parties often take place in the backyard, or around the perimeter of the home. Guests still look for cleanliness, even though the main focus is outside. Make sure the windows on your home shine, both inside and out, for a proper view of the events.

It takes a special skill for window washing to be done right, to prevent streaking and staining. Hire a professional window washer to take care of the job, especially for higher windows that you may be tempted to skip. They can take care of washing both the inside and outside surfaces of your windows.

Floor Care

An indoor/outdoor party brings about its own unique challenges, like making sure the rooms inside are cool and comfortable while still allowing guests to visit inside and outside. Knowing that guests will be visiting specific rooms during the party, you may be tempted to do a quick DIY carpet cleaning right before the event so the room looks fresh.

However, higher humidity levels and increased pollens in the air make a difference in the techniques used for summer carpet cleaning. If you do want a fresh look to your floors, call professional carpet cleaners to take care of the job. They know the right way to treat spots, clean the carpet, and remove the excess moisture so that the floor area is dry and safe well before the party.

Summer cleaning tasks don’t need to be daunting – call ServiceMaster by the Border to delegate these cleaning jobs before your next party. We’ll be happy to be part of your party preparation team!