Summer is finally approaching and that means kids are finishing up school and will look forward to some time off at home and enjoying summer activities. With kids coming in and out of the house all day, it will be harder than ever to keep things clean. Parents can hire a cleaning service to tackle some of the upkeep on the house, so they can enjoy some time with the children.

While it may be easy to grumble about kids being home all summer, it’s also a great time to make some memories. Before you know it, the kids will have grown up and you may wish you had this time back. So, be intentional about spending some time together this summer. Kids probably have some ideas of going to an amusement park, hitting the beach or campground, and having picnics. Summer always flies by so fast, so find time for quality activities this summer.

Consider hiring a cleaning service to help tackle common cleaning jobs or larger projects. ServiceMaster by the Border can help with jobs such as:

  • Washing windows
  • Cleaning blinds and light fixtures
  • Spot removal and deep carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Sanitizing bathrooms
  • Washing walls

Don’t miss out on time with your children because you thought you had to stay home and scrub the tub. Go out and play some miniature golf, rent a paddle boat, and get a milkshake. Your kids will have memories of the time you spent with them, and you’ll enjoy the bonding time more than cleaning the house.