Day in and day out, you go through your normal schedule and there are some things you start to become accustomed to in your home. The funny noise the refrigerator makes, the small crack in the bathroom floor, or the little dent in the wall where the doorknob bumped into it are all such a part of your home that you don’t even notice them anymore. The same goes for your rugs, which is why a good carpet cleaning may be in order before holiday guests arrive.

Your carpet takes a beating, there’s no doubt about it. Between dirt tracked into the house, pet hair, crumbs, and spills, your floor is ready for a little TLC. You may not notice it, because you see it every day, but there are some spots, stains, and possibly an odor that guests will detect.

This is the perfect time to spruce up your house. ServiceMaster can come in and determine a plan of attack to get your carpet looking and smelling new again. Whether you have high traffic problem areas, spots or odors, we use a personalized approach to get the best result for your carpet.

While we’re there, you may want to take advantage of other services we offer. In addition to carpeting, we can clean other floors such as hardwood or tile, and we also deep clean upholstery. Bathrooms, windows, walls, molding, light fixtures, and other deep cleaning jobs are also our specialty.

If you’re expecting company for the holidays, it may be time to do a little bit of cleaning. If you’d like a hand with cleaning the carpets or other tasks that need to be done, we’d be happy to help.