Carpeting is a wonderful flooring surface. It is soft, makes sitting on the floor comfortable and muffles the sound of even the most rambunctious toddler. Moreover, as pointed out by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), it even helps reduce allergy and asthma symptoms – if it is properly cleaned.

But how can you be sure that your carpet cleaning is done well?

Focus on high-traffic areas. The area right in front of the entrance, the carpet by the garden door and the area around the kitchen are frequently high-traffic areas. Here are the highest chances of tracking dirt into the home or spilling things that spot the carpets. When working with carpet cleaning professionals, hire those who thoroughly vacuum and deep clean traffic areas.

Handle pet accidents quickly. Fido is part of the family; but if you do not keep up with the occasional pet accident, the dog smell becomes part of your home’s overall atmosphere. Pet problems adversely affect the look of your carpeting. The chemical makeup of urine, for example, has the power to fade certain dyes. Smells, too, permeate the area. Problematic pet stains should be a specialty of the cleaning expert you work with. Tackling these issues calls for a full range of skills such as pre-treatment protocols, odor elimination and post-treatment solutions.

Great Looking Carpet at HomeDazzle guests with an inviting room. When you love to entertain, you simply cannot afford to have carpet spots draw attention. What should be a welcoming room quickly loses its appeal if the carpet is a reminder of past dinner parties. A quick once-over by a professional ensures a beautiful carpet that is completely dry in time for your big dinner party, family get-together or girls’ night in.

However, what happens when your carpet is not in your home? Boats and RVs are becoming more luxurious, which also includes the installation of carpeting. Although most of these products are geared for easy cleanup, you face some of the same challenges you encounter in the home. There are pet stains, spilled foods and the added challenges that an outdoor recreation presents. Discoloration, spills and ground-in dirt call for a professional’s touch here, too.

ServiceMaster by the Border understands that you want your carpeting to look and feel as soft and new as it did when you first had it installed. Contact us today for more information on our cleaning services for this flooring material – no matter if it is in a home or RV.