Many commercial properties have large panes of glass on the front of the building, which is great for visibility and creating a welcoming atmosphere, but for many business owners, these windows are a constant bother. They need to be cleaned regularly, and if a person isn’t skilled in washing windows, when the sun is shining all you see are streaks. Professional janitorial services can help take care of your window washing problem.

Windows are one of our specialties, so we can get your glass crystal clear. Schedule us for regular services and all you’ll have to do is do some quick cleaning of fingerprints in-between our visits.

We can also take care of many other cleaning responsibilities to keep your business looking fresh and welcoming for clients coming in. In addition to windows, our services include:

  • Cleaning and stocking restrooms
  • Removal of waste and recycling
  • Cleaning and stain removal on carpets and upholstery
  • Maintenance on hard surface floors
  • Keeping entrances, waiting rooms, and other high traffic areas clean

Depending on your needs, we can arrange a visit weekly or monthly. We will also use our own environmentally friendly cleaning supplies which not only get the job done, but prevent employees and customers from being exposed to harsh chemicals.

If the windows in your business constantly bother you, it may be time to give us a call. In the long run, it will benefit your business to have them, as well as other cleaning tasks, done on a regular basis. While the cleanliness of your business does not determine how well you do your job, it does affect potential clients’ first impressions. When you’re too busy doing what you’re good at to keep things clean and tidy, then give us a call so we can do what we’re good at.