As things warm up in the spring, many companies start to notice their high traffic areas looking a little dingy. People coming in all winter, bringing with them dirt, snow, and salt, takes a toll on the flooring. Spring is a great time to start janitorial services because you can clean up the mess that winter left behind, and keep up with it as you head through spring, which usually means rain and mud.

Whether you have carpet or hard surface floors, both can be cleaned to look like new. We specialize in high traffic areas, and can remove stains and get your busy areas looking clean and bright.

If you have a waiting area for clients and customers, you’ll want to take a look at that too. In addition to floors, furniture upholstery takes a beating. Kids have gotten dirty boots on the chairs, people have spilled their coffee, and well, we don’t really know what causes all those stains, but we are experts at cleaning upholstery so your business looks professional and welcoming.

In addition to these services we:

  • sanitize and restock bathrooms
  • dust
  • clean kitchens
  • wash windows and blinds
  • empty trash and recycling

We are aware that you want to take care of the people entering your business, so we offer cleaning solutions that are not only green, but free from harsh chemicals and perfumes that some people may be sensitive to. Your customers will appreciate your effort to help the environment and their health issues.

Homes aren’t the only things that need a little spring cleaning. If your company’s high traffic areas are in need of a pick-me-up, ServiceMaster is happy to come and help make them clean again, as well as other areas of your facilities. Then we can arrange to visit regularly to keep things looking that way, whatever the season.