Whether you are a new start-up business or an established corporation, first impressions make a difference when new clients enter your office area. Take a moment the next time you arrive at your office, and look at it from a visitor’s point of view as you enter the building.

Entryway shine is important for an initial impression. Make sure your windows are smudge-free and your door handles shine. The hard floor should be polished and carpeting should be dirt and lint-free. A nice potted plant or two is always inviting as a first impression.

The lobby waiting area should be inviting and comfortable, and that often begins with furniture that is pleasant to sit in, free from stains and odors. If you’re not sure about mysterious spots that have appeared on your upholstered furniture, it may be time for a professional upholstery cleaning. Your visitors will feel more welcome if they can sit in a spotless chair or couch in the waiting area.

The busy activities of an office often prevent staff from tidying up on a regular basis. From a visitor’s point of view, look at the filing cabinets, desktop or credenza surfaces, and wastebasket or recycling areas. If there are stacks of paper piling up, boxes that should be taken to storage, or overflowing wastebaskets, it doesn’t give a good impression of tidiness.

Strange odors are distracting, and can often be prevented or eliminated. If you’ve had a water leak, consider the health risks associated with damp carpets and mold buildup. Knowing how to care for water damage properly can reduce unnecessary carpet replacement costs.

Whatever business you are in, giving a professional first impression is important. A regular schedule of janitorial services performed by the technicians of ServiceMaster by the Border will make your work life easier, and your business more appealing to first-time visitors.