If your carpet is in need of some attention, you may wonder if it’s worth it to call a professional carpet cleaning company. After all, you can buy carpet cleaners right in the vacuum aisle of your local Walmart, or many stores have models available for rent. What makes a professional job different in the long run? There are many factors that may change your mind if you’re thinking about cleaning your carpets yourself.

Doing it yourself is very time consuming. It’s not an easy job, so plan on blocking out a period of time, and prepare yourself for some physical work.

A professional company has experience removing spots and spills. Before they clean, they’ll come in and evaluate any spots you have. They have the experience and know what product to use to pre-treat these areas so that your carpet will look its best when they’re done.

DIY machines aren’t the best quality. Whether you’re renting or buying, you may not see much change for the investment you made.

A professional system uses very hot water. The truck supplies the hot water, which is half the battle in removing dirt and debris. The best you can do yourself is use some hot tap water and hope it doesn’t cool too fast while you’re working.

A professional system has great suction to remove the water. They use powerful suction from their equipment, pulling all the water and dirt outside to their truck. When they’re done, your carpet is practically dry. With a DIY unit, much of the water (which is dirty) stays on the carpet, and in some cases can even lead to mildew or mold growth.

When it comes to cleaning carpets, you can do it yourself, but most people find that they have much better results from hiring a professional company. Their experience and equipment are far superior, and it’s a great feeling knowing your floors are completely free of dirt and allergens when they’re all done.