Maintaining a spotless office environment gives a successful image to visitors, and is one of the perks sought after by employees – a pleasant working environment. Professional office cleaning is essential to the health, productivity, and well-being of your valuable employees. Here are three ways it pays to hire cleaning experts:

Offering employees a pleasant, clean, and organized break room encourages eating “in” and helps employees develop great relationships with each other. No one wants to store his or her lunch in a refrigerator that emits a peculiar smell. A well-kept break room with a clean floor and tidy counter tops offers employees a chance to relax on-site and helps teams work together more efficiently.

A clean office discourages nasty pest infestations. While most conscientious adults do a great job of cleaning up after themselves, spills and splashes are sometimes overlooked. In addition to contributing to a dirty looking environment, these sticky spots attract disease carrying bugs and rodents, which may be a deal breaker for some of your favorite employees. A professionally cleaned office helps to keep employees and clients happy.

A clean office helps keeps employees healthy. Medical costs are a huge cost to employers. A disinfected office space eliminates many of the germs brought in from public transportation, homes with sick children, and normal day-to-day activity. A messy office poses more than the risk of illness. Unkempt work spaces may produce tripping hazards, overflowing trashcans could cause slick spots on the floor, and excessive dust and dirt may cause equipment failure. A professional cleaning service helps keep employees healthy and productive.

In an office where clients and customers visit, your employees’ success may depend greatly on the client’s perception of your office space. A neat, tidy, fresh smelling and spotless office offers a great first impression and translates to a happier, healthier, and more productive team.