If you are new to owning commercial real estate, there is a lot to learn about and schedule for regular maintenance and upkeep of the building. Likewise, if you have owned property for a while, it can be easy to have something slip your mind, because there are so many management tasks that need to be handled on an ongoing basis.

Responsible property owners take pride in providing clean, efficient and well-maintained commercial real estate. Here is a basic checklist of things that should be scheduled into a regular property management plan.

External cleaning

If your building has gutters, clean them out at least once a year. Fall is probably the best time do this, since that is when leaves and twigs accumulate. Failing to clean out your gutters may result in a blockage, which can lead to leakage problems.

Power washing external walls is also something that can improve the overall look of a building, although it isn’t something that happens frequently. Putting this on an annual checklist of tasks will ensure that it is considered each year.

Washing windows should occur at least seasonally, more frequently depending on the weather and the climate you’re located in.

Internal cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning will keep your building looking nice and will go a long way towards ensuring healthy indoor air. How often you need to have your carpet cleaned depends on how often the carpet is used and where in your building it is located. Carpeting in an entryway will need a thorough cleaning more often than carpet in a file storage room, for example.

Washing walls and inside windows can be a seasonal activity, although windows that are near exits should be cleaned more frequently. Glass doors should be free of smudges and fingerprints on a daily basis, since they are the opening that invites visitors into the building.

Not-obvious cleaning

If your building is older, get the drains flushed out once a year to prevent blockages. You could also ask a plumber to give all your fixtures an annual assessment. Some plumbing contractors set up regular maintenance plans for plumbing and HVAC systems.

Property management is an important responsibility, and adds to the value of a successful business. Developing specific checklists can make the job easier, and include carpet cleaning on a seasonal cleaning list to make sure it happens regularly.