Graduation parties, wedding receptions, vacation trips, beach fun, family reunions, cookouts – who wants to spend time cleaning when there’s so much summer fun going on? Here are some quick summer cleaning tips to keep your home fresh during the upcoming months.

Air conditioner filter – Keep the filter fresh and the air healthy with frequent cleanings. The easiest way is to remove the foam filter from your window air conditioner and soak it in a simple solution that you can to keep on hand. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and warm water in a pan, submerge the filter and let soak for a few minutes. Lightly squeeze it dry and put it back into the air conditioner grill area to get a fresh filtration, and get rid of unwanted bacteria.

Mini blind magic – nothing is more annoying than trying to keep the mini blinds dust and dirt-free when you’ve got the house open to the fresh summer air. Here are three quick ways to clean the blinds on your windows. Use a damp fabric softener sheet to wipe the blinds – it also helps reduce the static cling that attracts dust. Or, metal or vinyl miniblinds can be removed and laid in the driveway to spray with an all-purpose cleaner and hose off; then merely hang them over a clothesline to dry. A last way to clean your blinds involves a rubber glove and a sock. Put a rubber glove on your hand, and then put a sock over it that has been saturated with rubbing alcohol. Wipe the blinds while they are still hanging for a fast cleanup and shine.

See through your window screens – first, either vacuum off the loose dust or run a dry sponge over the screen to capture loose dirt and dust. Then, remove the screen from the window, prop it up against an outside wall or fence, and use a scrub brush doused in sudsy ammonia and water to scrub up an down. Turn the garden hose on it to rinse, and let the sunshine dry it effortlessly.

Carpet maintenance – just like your car or truck, your carpet needs regular maintenance. One way of making that easier is to use high quality, dirt-trapping doormats at each of your outside entrances. The doormats should be large enough to allow at least two or three footsteps across in order to enter the door. These mats trap dirt from your shoes, and can be hosed off to clean easily. Then, schedule an annual or semi-annual professional carpet cleaning to keep your carpets bright and new looking.

Simple tips make cleaning easier. Regular carpet cleaning helps keep dirt and grime out of your house, and can make it visitor-friendly. If you’re ready for a regular maintenance schedule of residential carpet cleaning, call ServiceMaster by the Border to find out what specials are available!