A large mess can occur in your home for a number of reasons, from your dog tracking mud all over the carpet, or a window being left open during a rainstorm, or even accidents in the kitchen which could affect the entire house. Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the types of services performed by a professional cleaning service before you need them.

Get the Carpets Cleaned
If your home has carpeting, it’s likely going to be the one area of your home that becomes the dirtiest over time and especially after an accident like the situations mentioned above. Professional cleaners can remove spots from your carpeting and give it a fresh look, which will help the room look better too.
Take Care of Any Dirty Furniture
Your sofa, dining room chairs, and other pieces of furniture can quickly become dirty if you’re not careful. In order to keep the furniture clean, use an upholstery cleaner who knows about your special furniture, the fabric and warranty, and will clean it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
Remove Any Dirt Buildup on the Linens
The curtains and blinds in your home can become very dirty. In order for you to restore the condition of these linens, you’ll want them cleaned. The amount of work that goes into cleaning each window covering can be time-consuming, making it a better task for professional dry cleaners.
While you have the curtains out to be cleaned, consider a thorough window-washing to brighten up your windows. A cleaning service knows the right methods to shine up your windows without streaking them.
If you need assistance cleaning your home after an accident, contact ServiceMaster by the Border so that we can restore the condition of your home and get it looking its best.