It’s very reassuring that when you’re not feeling well, you can get an appointment with your favorite physician to get back on the road to health. Unfortunately, patients often pick up another illness while visiting their doctor’s office. So many people come through there with a cold or flu, that it is a hotbed of germs. Thorough medical office cleaning can cut down on the spread of these illnesses.

Most people have a healthy immune system, so catching a cold or flu isn’t anything more than a nuisance. But medical offices also see young children, the elderly, and other immune compromised patients that need to visit. It’s important to do everything possible to make sure these visitors don’t leave sicker than when they arrived.

One of the best ways to protect patients is through proactive, intentional cleaning of medical offices. Bathrooms need to be deep-cleaned regularly. Doorknobs, railings, and other surfaces in high traffic areas need to be disinfected often.

Many groups designate these tasks to their own office personnel, but to protect patients, it’s a good idea to bring in a cleaning service to make sure it is done well. These are the busiest times of the year in a medical office, and nurses and administrative staff are swamped with phone calls, answering questions, and fitting in everyone that needs to be seen. Often the cleaning gets set aside or the bare minimum is done in order to move on to other responsibilities. A cleaning service would ensure the patients and staff in your medical office are entering a clean environment every day, increasing the chance of keeping them healthy.

If keeping patients and staff healthy is a top priority in your medical office, ServiceMaster can help you achieve your goal. You can do your part to stop the spread of illness this winter with regular cleaning and disinfecting in your waiting rooms, exam rooms, and restrooms.