Rainy weather can affect your home or office building in ways you may not notice. High humidity can cause dampness and gradual mold growth, or excessive rain can wreak havoc when a roof leaks or groundwater floods your basement.

Quick action can make a difference when water damage affects your belongings and the structure of the building. Common places for water damage include walls, ceilings, and floors. Since mold survives and grows on the fibers found in walls and ceilings, these may need to be repaired or replaced, depending on the severity of mold.

But what about a traditional hardwood floor? That can be expensive to replace completely, and you may not find the exact wood type if you only need to replace only certain sections of the floor.

Many homeowners still appreciate a true hardwood floor throughout their home, but excessive amounts of water on a hardwood surface requires special cleaning and analysis. Ripping up the floor may not be necessary, since professional floor cleaning and new restoration techniques give floors a healthy shine again.

Everyday life may also dull the appearance of a hardwood floor. Spilled drinks, dropped objects, pet accidents, moving furniture around, and other activities make an impression on the floor’s shine and finish.

Refinishing a hardwood floor every five years is recommended, but not something a homeowner is willing to take the time for. In the past, it was common practice to strip the finish off, re-sand the floor, and apply a new finish and top coat sealant.

A new WoodGlo™ Cleaning System by ServiceMaster will remove dirt, debris, grease, hair, soil and dust trapped on your floors. It also removes residue and contaminants left behind from other cleaning products. A special machine deep cleans the wood surface, followed by a protective finish applied to give the floor its unique shine again.

If you have hardwood floors that need some tender loving care, call ServiceMaster by the Border. Our WoodGlo™ Cleaning System provides a protective finish against everyday damage that can occur. Schedule our specialized hardwood floor cleaning that makes your floors look better and last longer.