Before you know it, the big yellow buses will be showing up on our roads, and kids will be climbing aboard to head back to school. For parents, this may be the optimal time to schedule a cleaning service.

For the past two months, kids have been running in and out the house, making the term “high traffic area” almost funny. You asked them to take their shoes off when they entered the house, and then you demanded. Still, more times than not, the children traipsed in, often times with friends behind them, tracking in dirt, sand, mud, and who knows what else.

But the floors weren’t the only thing that took a beating this summer. Milk sloshed out of cereal bowls while kids were watching their morning cartoons on the couch, and afternoon snack times led to crumbs deep in the upholstery. Everyone loves a movie night with some buttery popcorn, but it’s not so fun when kids wipe their hands on the furniture.

If you feel like your house has suffered a kid-attack this summer, a cleaning service can get things looking bright and clean again. We offer carpet and upholstery cleaning to remove all the dirt and get rid of the pesky spots. We can clean your hard surface floors too, to make them look refreshed and new again. And if other areas of your house suffered, we can also take care of things like bathrooms, windows, and blinds.

As kids head back to school this fall, many of them will have long faces, knowing the fun days of summer are behind them. But if you look carefully, there may be plenty of parents with smiles on their faces, because that means they can get their house back in order. If you need help with restoring order and cleanliness after a summer of fun, contact for carpet or upholstery cleaning.