When most people think of deep cleaning, they automatically think of spring; but fall brings drastic seasonal lifestyle transitions too. In the spring we put away blankets and colder weather items before getting out items for the warmer months. During this process, it feels really good to give the house a thorough scrubbing and get it ready for the pleasures of spring and summer.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that same fresh, tidy feeling during the fall and winter too? Maybe a redo of the entire spring cleaning routine in autumn seems excessive, but the holidays could be much better if you hit a few of the high points during a weekend cleaning binge. Here are a few tasks to consider:

Pack up and Put Away

Shoving summertime clothes and toys to the back of the closet or the sides of the garage creates unnecessary clutter. Organization is key to storage, and in this case it’s best to use a two-fold approach when putting winter wares away. First, gather the items that won’t be needed again until spring, such as sandals and beach umbrellas. Move them to the attic or into the deepest recesses of a closet, so that they will be totally out of the way. Next, pack up the items that you want to keep a little closer, like picnic baskets or lightweight sweaters. Move these types of things to a top closet shelf or similarly accessible space.

Wipe Walls and Windows

Autumn leaves and winter snow looks better through clear, crisp windows. Make sure to wash them on both the inside and outside…without missing any lingering “gifts” left behind by birds or insects. Also, be sure to open windows and sweep away any dust or dead insects between the glass and the screen. Walls should be inspected and wiped, paying special attention to concentrated soiled spots and cob webs in corners.

Freshen Floors and Furniture

Floors take a beating in summer months as friends and family tend to spend a lot time going in and out of the house. Outdoor barbecues and parties, lawn maintenance and kids playing in sprinklers are just a few of the culprits guilty of tracking in dirt and grime. Shampooing carpets and cleaning floors regularly is an important part of keeping a home clean and healthy. While you’re at it, these same kinds of activities also soil your furniture, so be sure to look at your upholstered furniture also.

If you think fall deep cleaning sounds like a good idea, but you just don’t have the time to tackle it, consider calling a professional cleaning service. A clean, organized home for the holidays is a great gift to give yourself!