Every day, consumers make buying decisions based on their own criteria. People often look for a certain quality standard. Or, price may be the driving motivator. Perhaps a performance guarantee is important to them. Often, a recommendation from a trusted friend may influence the decision.

Today’s consumer is more research-oriented when making a decision that will affect their budget or their time. At first glance, two similar businesses may seem to provide the same level of service.

Satisfied customers often consider specific factors when deciding which cleaning company or janitorial service to use.

What does the ServiceMaster Difference mean for your home or business?

Proven business model

Repeatable success is often recognized by a franchise model that follows specific protocol and standards, and applies them across each individual business partner. The standards implemented and procedures followed are consistent for each location.

Advanced cleaning systems

Proprietary systems development considers the type of cleaning to be performed, the equipment and supplies used, proper training, and the methods to be followed.

The Capture and Removal Cleaning® is an exclusive cleaning system from ServiceMaster Clean. This high-productivity approach is environmentally friendly and produces a healthier indoor environment.

This systems development produces consistent results at a greater efficiency, which helps save the customer money.

Training and certification

Knowledge and experience can make a difference in even the simplest of cleaning tasks. Employees are thoroughly trained for each type of cleaning system. Some employees have the dedication and desire to provide advanced services that require additional certification and testing.

This means that cleaning is done right the first time. Employees are trained to understand the type of fiber and material of each item; and then determine the correct cleaning method and treatment to be used.

Quality inspections ensure that the job is consistently completed to customer satisfaction.

Flexible, customized, accountable

A professional cleaning service can work around many different timetables to fit the customer’s schedule. The type of service can also fluctuate.

A comprehensive cleaning plan includes a wide range of cleaning services and frequency that is unique to each business. Project-based services are for those times when a different cleaning emphasis is desired.

Customer satisfaction should be at the heart of any service industry and is a standard of measure for ServiceMaster. If you weren’t satisfied with the cleaning service you used in the past, give ServiceMaster a try!