Spring cleaning used to be a time when homemakers, and sometimes entire families, gave the house a thorough once-over so that everything was cleaned, polished, waxed, ironed, and made to look fresh and shiny again. There was usually a feeling of great satisfaction at accomplishing the annual ritual, although it was a lot of work at the time.

While spring cleaning is still accomplished in some homes, taking that thoroughness into a different perspective can make the project more manageable for the busy families with working parents, active children, and a hectic schedule.

There are three areas of spring cleaning that are specialty cleaning services you can accomplish throughout the year, or hire professional help to assist you. These include the all-important task of decluttering, wall washing, and window washing.

Get Rid of Clutter

Decluttering is probably the most important task associated with a clean-looking home. There are many resources to learn how to declutter effectively and efficiently, but the bottom line is that a home with no clutter gives a cleaner appearance. Take the decluttering task into small chunks, using three receptacles – trash – give-away – and store. Tackle one closet or one cabinet at a time, and for each item, decide if it should be thrown away, given away to someone who has more of a need, or stored properly. Just processing through main areas of the home, eliminating the clutter as you work, gives a sense of satisfaction.

Wash the Walls

Washing walls was probably the least favorite chore involved with spring cleaning, but when all the dust fuzzies, cobwebs, and smudge marks were eliminated, the walls looked better – which made the whole room look better. Using the proper tools and equipment can make the job easier and safer; or hiring a professional cleaning service for large, specialty cleaning can be very beneficial.

Window Washing

Window washing requires a special skill in order to avoid spots and streaks, and get the job done thoroughly. Washing a room full of windows, both inside and outside, makes the room shine more and gives the impression of bright happiness.

However, window washing is often a chore that is avoided, because of the spotting and streaking challenges. This job itself is well worth the price of a professional window washing service, because they are skilled at it and can often finish the job quicker, leaving your time to enjoy the fresh weather and your shining-clean home.

Whether you schedule an annual spring cleaning time, or break it out through the year, remember that ServiceMaster by the Border team members can help with a variety of specialty cleaning services to make your life easier.