When it comes to housekeeping, certain cleaning chores tend to be overlooked more often than others. With many people getting ready for spring cleaning, remember some of these often-neglected cleaning chores.

Stair banisters – Although they are touched often, stair banisters are one item that rarely gets cleaned. Use a safe degreaser for your type of banister to remove dirt and oil, and then dust in between rails with a feather duster.

Refrigerator – You can’t see the top of your refrigerator, which may be why it is often forgotten. Even so, it can accumulate a great deal of dust, grime and grease over time. Your refrigerator vents can also become a magnet for dust and pet hair, as can the coils on the back. Make sure your spring cleaning list includes every inch of your refrigerator inside and out.

Showerheads – According to the University of Colorado, approximately 30 percent of all showerheads contain harmful bacteria that could cause a lung infection. Not only should you wipe the outside down with a disinfectant, but you should also remove the showerhead itself and soak it in white vinegar to remove mineral deposits.

Range vents – Range vents can accumulate a lot of grease, which in turn can increase your risk of fire. Fortunately, screens are easy to remove and wash to prevent buildup from occurring.

Trash cans – Trash cans can easily become unsanitary, especially if you have recently experienced a leak. To sanitize, fill about halfway full with hot water and add a few drops of bleach. Allow to soak, then scrub and rinse thoroughly.

Walls and baseboards – Many people limit themselves to cleaning only visible smudges on their walls and baseboards; however, they should actually be washed down thoroughly at least once or twice each year.

How many of these chores have you been overlooking? If the answer is more than one, then it might be time to consider hiring a cleaning service to help you get caught up. For help with spring cleaning, contact ServiceMaster by the Border.