Long hard winters are taxing on us all and can drastically affect our homes and businesses as well. Water from snow melt, dirt, grime and ice melting solvents get brought inside on our footwear and clothing. This can really build up over the course of a winter and can cause damage to furniture and carpeting.

Elements from the outside all have negative effects on our carpeted surfaces. It is critical that your carpets are properly maintained throughout the winter months as well as receive a thorough carpet cleaning when spring arrives.

Dirt and Spots

Carpeting gets spotted from the water comes from tracking snow and ice inside. Heavy trafficked areas remain wet or damp throughout the winter months and attract dirt, grime and all sorts of discoloring particles from people and pets. A thorough carpet cleaning will remove the dirt and spots, and prevent molding and rotting that may be evident.

Damage from Abrasive Solvents

Ice melting solvents are commonly used to melt slippery ice from walkways, driveways and roads. These solvents come in many forms including powder, crystal and liquid. It sticks to footwear and is tracked into homes and businesses where it often gets deposited on carpeted surfaces. The crystal solvents are particularly bad for carpets as they are extremely abrasive and can break down carpet fibers quickly. They get trapped in the carpet and grind against the carpet fiber when stepped on. Liquid and powdered solvents also can break down and discolor carpet fiber over time if not removed.

Clean carpets at home or in your office takes extra effort after a tough winter. Rely on professionals who know how to deal with all carpet types and will freshen your rooms with brighter, cleaner carpeting.

Spring officially begins this month, and the spring cleaning frenzy that many go through can be easier when you include professional carpet cleaning at the top of your list.