Spring Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Go Together

It’s that time of year again, the evidence of new life growing outside, the smell of fresh air, birds singing, flowers blooming, and the challenge of attacking the dirt and grime inside with seasonal Spring Cleaning.

As a homeowner, you are aware of how important it is to maintain the cleanliness and aesthetic beauty of your home for both the enjoyment of your family and presentation to your guests and friends. A thorough spring cleaning gives you a polished appeal, while clearing out any clutter that may have piled up during the winter months.

One very important aspect to consider at the end of a winter season is the cleanliness of your carpet and the benefits of having a thorough and professional carpet cleaning as part of your spring cleaning routine.

Dust and Dirt

With spring cleaning comes an abundance of dust and dirt as you haul boxes up from the basement and from other rooms in the house. You will inevitably be spreading this through the house, which is why it is beneficial to clean your carpet after you are finished with spring cleaning. The majority of products that get thrown out during spring cleaning have generally aged over a period of time, so while you are getting rid of any extra clutter, a thorough cleaning of your home afterwards is supremely beneficial.

Aesthetic Appeal

You don’t need a brand new carpet to give your home a fresh, polished appearance. A professional carpet cleaning each spring, as a minimum, will help your carpets keep their vibrant appearance, and give each room an overall fresh look.

Many homeowners get used to the appearance of their carpet; after all, they see it day in and day out. Take a fresh look at your home, and while you are polishing the furniture, cleaning the draperies, and washing windows, remember to give your carpets a thorough cleaning also.

Remove the Grime

Most homeowners perform their spring cleaning once a year, but for a carpet to retain its fresh, clean look, it may need more frequent cleaning. A professional carpet cleaning service can analyze your traffic flow patterns throughout the house, as well as advise you about the general build up of dirt and dust on your carpet throughout the year.

A thorough carpet cleaning during the season of spring cleaning is a good start at regular carpet maintenance to remove the grime and dirt buildup. Cleaning your carpet entails a deep wash that will ensure all harmful bacteria is killed and so you will be able to start your new year off clean and fresh.

As you prepare for your annual spring cleaning, consider including a professional carpet cleaning, because it can be more beneficial than you know!