Chances are that the soft, comfy couch you’ve gotten used to probably could use professional upholstery cleaning occasionally. Your furniture can be a breeding ground for germs and other things that hide in your upholstery, and simple vacuuming can’t eliminate everything. Here are some tips for upholstery cleaning and furniture care, especially when it comes to immediate treatment, knowing the warranty, and thoroughness.

Give Immediate Attention to Spills and Stains

With repeated use, stains can appear for apparently no reason. This is because of the oils from your hair or skin that seep into the upholstery, or dirty hands and arms resting in the same position on the furniture repeatedly. Sometimes, extra slipcovers over specific areas of the couch protect those common areas, and it’s much easier to launder slipcovers than it is to clean an entire couch.

Spills are inevitable. Know the type of fibers in your upholstered furniture, and understand the best methods of blotting up spills immediately in order to avoid deep stains. A clean, white towel, pressed firmly into the fibers will help pull the spill out of the upholstery, but avoid rubbing the area, which will set the spill into the padding further down. Follow your manufacturer’s suggestions for cleaning up spills from your furniture.

Don’t Void a Manufacturer’s Warranty with the Wrong Upholstery Cleaning

Brand new furniture often carries a manufacturer’s warranty that is very specific as to the type of cleaning methods approved for the upholstery. Read the warranty terms, and if they indicate specific treatments from a professional upholstery cleaning service, don’t try to save costs by doing it alone. A professional team knows and understands how to service most furniture warranties, and can take care of your furniture quickly.

Vacuum Frequently, but Deep-Clean Upholstery Regularly

Eliminating dirt and crumbs frequently will help keep your upholstery looking fresh, and it will also prevent the crumbs from falling further into the cushions or seam areas. A fresh vacuuming, at least weekly, also prevents a sticky buildup on the crumbs that may be hiding. Moisture in your furniture is also a breeding area for mold and mildew.

Nothing beats a deep upholstery cleaning service, scheduled regularly as a maintenance program. Plan a regular time, at least once a year, to have a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner visit your home, and your upholstered furniture will stay looking great for many years.

A consultation with professional cleaning specialists will include an evaluation of your furniture, recommendations for proper upholstery cleaning, and a written estimate of the work required. ServiceMaster by the Border has provided upholstery cleaning for many years, and is ready to make your home’s furnishings look great again!