The fun of hosting summer parties, barbecues, pool parties, and open house events often lasts all summer long, but keeping your upholstery and carpet clean during this busy outdoor season can also be a challenge. There are a lot of people walking through your home during the summer party season, which can often pose a problem for keeping upholstery spotless and carpets stain-free.

Most often, there are two reasons that stains happen to either your upholstered furniture or your carpeting, either from spillage or from nature.

Carpet Stains from Nature

Having many guests walking in and out of your home during the summer party season can also mean dirt and grass being ground into your carpeting. Take extra care in vacuuming after your party, using the suction cleaning tool on the stain instead of the beater brush, which may spread the stain. A white towel with cold water may help blot up the grass stain. Before trying any chemicals or cleaners, consult with a professional carpet cleaner, who will know the best treatment for your type of carpeting.

Cleaning Upholstery and Carpet Stains from Spills

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, there is bound to be someone at your summer party who drops a greasy meatball, spills a glass of punch, or fumbles an entire plate of barbecued ribs. If your guest is kind enough to bring it to your attention, it’s always best to clean up the spill right away, in an effort to prevent long-term staining.

However, if you discover the stain after the party’s ended, a little detective work might be needed in order to treat it properly. Remember the types of food you served, and the ingredients used in your recipes, which will help determine the types of cleaners needed for the stain.

Regardless of when you see the spill, there are some simple steps to begin treating it. First, vacuum or brush away any crumbs or large particles. Next, use a damp white towel and blot at the stain, taking care to not rub across the carpet fibers or the upholstery fabric. Simply diluting the stained area with cold water while blotting it out can help prevent it from spreading. Other stains from greasy food may require application of a spot treatment that can be found in the department store.

The best way to get rid of party stains and spills is to have a professional carpet cleaning service visit once your party is finished. Let the cleaning team know what food you served, and they will be able to properly treat and remove the stain to get your carpet clean and upholstery looking great again!