Tile flooring is a popular choice in new home construction and remodeling jobs. Tile floors are a long-term investment, but if not properly cared for, they can begin looking dull and dirty. Here are some tile floor care tips to consider if you are thinking about installing a new flooring in your home.

There are some positive aspects to installing a tile floor in your kitchen, bathroom, or family room. For instance, quality tile flooring can improve the resale value of a home. Glazed tile has a beautiful coating that helps seal the tile, and can enhance the appearance of a room with many color and pattern choices. They are also a popular choice for people who are sensitive to man-made fibers often found in carpeting, and those with allergies.

However, there are some other aspects to consider. A radiant heat system installed underneath the tile offers warm comfort when walking; otherwise tile flooring can be rather cool during winter months. Area rugs or runners can help provide comfort in high traffic areas.

The tile itself is susceptible to cracks or chips, and grouting between tiles can also become cracked and crumble. This may allow moisture underneath the tiles, which can cause mold or mildew to form underneath the floor surface.

Wherever you have installed tile flooring in your home, here are some care and cleaning tips to consider.

Know the type of tile you have and the proper cleaning methods. Most tile types merely need routine vacuuming, but if something is dropped or spilled, additional cleaning is needed.

Usually, the grout between the tiles is the part of the floor that becomes dirty and starts discoloring. Unfortunately, this can cause the entire floor to look dingy. Dirty grout can also harbor germs and bacteria.

Tile Floor Care for Residential HomesOccasional grout cleaning with a solution of equal portions of baking soda and white vinegar, applied with a soft brush, can keep the surface clean, especially in areas where a lot of spills might occur.

Professional tile and grout cleaning will include spot and stain pre-treatment, high-pressure cleaning and a drying process, followed by an application of grout sealant. Sealed grout protects against staining, discoloration and mold or mildew growth. It also helps protect the tile floor from water damage. Properly sealed grout helps keep water from seeping under flooring tiles.

If you think your tile flooring needs a fresh look, or the grout between tiles is looking dingy, call ServiceMaster by the Border for a full-service cleaning. We have the experience and right equipment to make tile floor care easy for you!