Home organization helps increase efficiency, saves on the budget, and makes more effective use of time. Many people have saved time and money by creating a master shopping list, or a master seasonal clothes list to know what is on hand and what will be needed from the store. Instead of writing out a shopping list every week, one master list is created that allows you to merely check off common items that are needed. This saves time at the store, and reduces the risk of over-spending.

There are some scheduling tips that make your cleaning easier also, especially for new brides or busy mothers. First, observe the length of time between activities. If you have a home full of children, you may need to vacuum more frequently than if it were just two of you at home. Make note if your carpets need attention every third day, every other day, or how frequently you start noticing the dirt. Then, build it into your master schedule to vacuum right before that frequency, and you won’t notice dirt buildups beginning.

The same goes for seasonal cleaning. If you perform similar tasks every fall, in preparation for closing up the house for the season, make a master list that you can check off as items are completed. Then, you’ve decided the proper order and time to complete things, and can make sure everything is done.

Master cleaning lists make it easy to train others to assist with cleaning. If you always clean your bathroom in a certain method, using certain cleaning supplies, write out the steps on an index card and use that when you are training children or others who help with chores.

Likewise, a master cleaning list helps you remember when your floors and carpets need a thorough cleaning. At least once a year, a complete professional carpet cleaning will keep your home looking fresh, and will reduce allergens and other buildups that can occur in carpets.

ServiceMaster by the Border can help you check items off your master cleaning list! Just give them a call to schedule a residential carpet cleaning, or a spring cleaning session whenever you need it.