To the members of your congregation, your church is more than just a building. It is a place of hope, community and celebration. For children, it is a first introduction to the faith. Visitors to the church do not just take in the warmth of the fellowship and the friendly demeanor of the children’s teachers, but they also pay close attention to the overall setup and cleanliness of the lobby, sanctuary, restrooms and classroom.

Keeping your building in tiptop shape calls for the janitorial services of an expert. In fact, there are three commonly overlooked areas that niche specialists know to look for.

Carpet and Upholstery – Cleaning the carpeted areas of your church is a must. Since the congregation gathers for services and special events no matter what the weather might be outside, there is always a need for vacuuming and spot removal. The children’s area carpeting and rugs also require thorough cleanings. Yet who watches out for the upholstery? When your pews feature fabric-covered padding and your lobby offers cushioned seating areas for those awaiting the start of service, it is just as important to routinely inspect these areas for spots and spills, which need to be cleaned up as quickly as possible to avoid the formation of stains.

Artificial plants – Due to the expense of real floral bouquets and potted plants, plenty of faith communities have moved away from the weekly purchase of new arrangements. Instead, the floral displays in the sanctuary, lobby and meeting areas are frequently high-quality silk or other artificial flowers. They, too, require regular dusting. Make a mistake here, and the bouquets quickly look neglected and, well, fake. An expert in the field knows to prevent this problem.

Kitchen messes – Although many helping hands make quick work of the cooking required for the next church potluck or picnic, not everyone shares the same philosophy when it comes to kitchen cleanup. Maintain the appearance and continued functionality of your kitchen appliances with professional kitchen cleaning services. Pros know to look inside the microwave, oven and refrigerator to locate and clean spills; and they also know how to properly sanitize specific areas throughout the kitchen.

Of course, these three janitorial services are only part of a much larger cleaning protocol that must be customized for your particular house of worship. Factors might include the frequency of events at the building as well as the extent of room usage during the week.

Our deep-cleaning and disinfection services can give peace of mind that unwanted viruses, germs and bacteria are kept out of your place of worship.

ServiceMaster by the Border can customize the cleaning and janitorial services you need, whether it is regularly-scheduled help with cleaning, or more seasonal cleaning jobs. Call us today for an estimate for your building.