Summertime is a great time to get away from it all and enjoy time with the family. Unfortunately, it is also a time when sudden thunderstorms can cause sewer backups or water damage in your home. If you are gone when this happens, there are a few things you should know about when it comes to disaster cleanup in your home.

If a water emergency happens when you are gone, there is a chance that mold and mildew will develop, and often spread, throughout the areas of your home that were affected by the water damage.

Water from sewer backups and flooding contains bacteria and other organisms that are harmful to your health. Wherever the water has seeped into the home, and whatever possessions it comes into contact with, is a breeding ground for germs, viruses, and disease.

Professional cleaning services know how to treat emergency situations, reduce the health risks, and make the area safe again. A homeowner who notices the ugly black marks of mold on the basement walls may be inclined to scrub with a bleach solution and run a fan for ventilation. Unfortunately, in many situations with mold, merely walking through the area or touching the spots affected can spread the mold spores to other areas of the home, causing further damage.

If you’ve been on vacation and return home to find water damage, call a professional cleaning service to help you analyze the proper disaster cleanup steps required. ServiceMaster by the Border specializes in water damage and disaster cleanup, and can help resolve emergency cleaning situations quickly.