Holiday time – it brings a lot of fun, lots of entertaining, and a lot of guests and visitors to your home. Unfortunately, it sometimes also brings a lot of problems for your carpeting, unless you prepare yourself in advance and can act quickly. Our expert residential carpet cleaner offers some quick tips in handling spots on your carpet, including a suggestion of what NOT to use.

Quick Response to Spills

Holiday gatherings often mean food buffets, festive recipes, and the usual mingling-while-juggling-refreshments. If a spill occurs, take the time right away to brush away crumbs, food particles, or other solids that may become crushed into the carpet fibers. This is the first defense against spots that can ruin your carpeting.

Use Your Pantry Instead of Stain Removal Solutions

Television commercials often don’t show the long-lasting effects of store-bought carpet cleaning solutions. Because ServiceMaster by the Border has cleaned residential carpets in thousands of homes, the technicians often see the after-effects of some of those convenient solutions, which don’t always remove commons stains – instead, they often set the stain deep inside the carpet fibers. Keep some common items on hand to take care of spills quickly.

Here are quick steps for treating a carpet spill:

  • First, remove crumbs from the spilled area
  • Use a white towel to blot up any liquid (do not rub)
  • Neutralize the spot with a light solution of ammonia and water, spraying lightly
  • Continue using a clean white towel to keep blotting up the spill until the liquid stops transferring into the towel.

If the transfer stops but the spot isn’t removed:

  • Keep the spot damp with clean water
  • Cover with a clean towel
  • Call ServiceMaster by the Border to treat and remove the stain.

The carpet cleaning technicians can often help you with a simple stain and spot cleaning, without the need for a full carpet cleaning. They will advise you once they see the spot, whether it’s spread or become set as a stain, or how to best treat your carpet to remove the spot before it becomes a stain.

Enjoy your holiday gatherings, but protect the beauty of your carpet with affordable, quick carpet spot-treatments from ServiceMaster by the Border.