A bright outlook can make a difference to the entire day, and looking out a sparkling clean window can make any day seem better. Washing windows is one of the least favorite jobs, but there are some ways of making it easier. Start with the right time to wash, the right tools to wash with, and the right help for window washing, especially the outside windows.

The right time to wash outdoor windows is not when it’s bright and sunny outside. You may think of this as the ideal time, so that you can see the sun through your sparkling glass, but it will actually make the job more difficult. Cleaning windows during the heat of the day will make the hot sun dry the cleaning solution on the glass before you are able to completely remove it, causing streaks and a cloudy buildup.

Use tools that will make the window washing easier. For outside windows, consider using a bucket of cleaning solution and a new mop. The mop will help you reach high up to the top of the window, and dipping it into the bucket will give you plenty of solution to scrub off the bird droppings or bugs from the glass. After rinsing with clear water, use a squeegee to pull the water down from the top of the window, wiping the squeegee off after each swipe. This will speed up the drying time and eliminate the streaks that can happen with ordinary cloth drying.

Finally, remember that you don’t have to do it yourself! Since window washing is a job that many people don’t like, call the people who do like it, and who do it well! A professional window washer can give you clean windows in no time; and you may want to consider teaming it up with a power wash of the exterior of your house to give it a clean look also.