If you’re looking at your furniture and wishing for a change, then you’re not alone. Kids, pets, and just general daily use can leave your furniture looking shabby. However, an upholstery cleaning service can make your couch, loveseat, and recliners look refreshed, and ready to serve you for several more years. It’s something to consider before investing in something new.

Maybe you’ve given in to the temptation of looking for new furniture. All it takes is a walk through a furniture showroom to leave you feeling overwhelmed. There are so many choices, it’s hard to commit to a new set knowing you will have to be happy with it for many years. Plus, the cost is staggering. Most people have to finance a new furniture purchase, and even if they get a special promotional interest rate, they end up making payments for years, in some cases long after the furniture has worn out.

You may think that renting a machine at the local store will give you everything you need to clean the furniture yourself. Unless you are familiar with different types of fabric used on furniture, and the warranty that might still be effective on them, you may be inviting problems by doing it yourself. A trained specialist knows how to treat and clean specific upholstery fabric, and can do so without soaking the entire piece of furniture.

Before you make any hasty decisions, let us come clean your upholstery. Many people think a spot or spill lasts forever. Maybe Fido jumped on the couch with muddy paws, your children dribbled their chocolate milk, or some red wine got spilled at a dinner party. You don’t have to put up with spots and smells of furniture that has been well-used. Our professional upholstery cleaning system will remove spots and odors, leaving your furniture looking newer than you thought possible.

Maybe purchasing new furniture isn’t financially prudent right now. That’s okay because a simple professional upholstery cleaning can restore your furniture to its former glory.